My school

School is the very beginning of the social path in human life. It is here that everyone becomes a person, declares himself in full voice and takes the first attempts to reveal himself. Also, the school is the first step towards independence, because here we have to do everything ourselves. It gives an opportunity for the first time to get acquainted with such events as love, successes, failures, friendship and many other things. Most come to school shy and timid. We are given this first teacher.

How exciting and unusual it is to go to school in the first days! Everything is new and incomprehensible. But our teachers help us with this. They not only teach to write and read, but also are close people for each of us. Teachers help to deal with such concepts as “friendship”, “honesty”, “justice” and many others that are basic in the life of any person.

School is not just a place where we get education, it’s also a school of life. Here

we learn to behave properly in a team, interact with people who have different characters, be responsive and open. It can be said that each of us slowly, carefully and heavily builds his “I”. Our teachers help us in this. At a young age, it is not always possible to correctly assess certain situations, to deal with truth and lies, as well as relations within the collective. It is here that teachers come to the aid.

In some situations, they are close friends for us, not teachers. In addition, teachers give us lessons on overcoming themselves and complex circumstances, forcing them to fight against laziness and disorganization. Now I spend most of my life here, at school. The schedule of almost every day depends on the number of lessons and time spent here. But even after leaving school, I’m not completely free. After all, the assignment received from the teachers is waiting for me at home. Only having made it, I have time, which I can spend at own discretion. The school in which I study is valuable not only for me and my peers, but also for parents. They also studied here, as well as I, and maybe

even better, understand the necessity of this period in life.

Our school is very large in size, it is attended by more than a thousand people. Among them there are very young children who study in primary school. The school has many offices, some of them for individual subjects. On the walls of the corridors we have funny newspapers, as well as drawings of students of different ages. Each of us has our favorite subjects. Someone likes to read, and among his favorite subjects he has literature, some like mathematics or physics. For me, history and geography are very interesting. I especially like the geography room, where there are many interesting things, from a large map to picturesque pictures with pictures of the most beautiful places on the planet. All the offices are large and spacious, equipped with everything necessary and allow you to concentrate completely on learning, without being distracted by anything. In addition, the school has a large gym. This is one of the favorite places of students of different ages! After all, you can play table tennis and any team game, such as volleyball or basketball.

It seems to me that good and bright memories will remain for life for everyone who studied at our school.

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My school