Do I have to go in for sports at school?

The class teacher instructed me to write a note in the school wall newspaper on the topic: “Do I have to go in for sports at school?” Well, what can I write? I thought about it. It is clear, you need to do sports. Why? Because sports tempers the will, trains the body, disciplines, makes leisure fascinating, inspires confidence and self. Everyone knows this. This is written in newspapers and on television.

I suddenly remembered that the school opened a fencing section for pupils and teachers. Teachers were more active than children. And I myself did not decide whether to take in the hands of a rapier, a sword. I’m not a warrior, I’m not going to fight at knight tournaments. And then it dawned on me. That’s what I’m going to write about in the wall newspaper. I took a sheet of paper and began to write:

“I know how to get the guys involved in fencing.” Who among us did not feel insulted when he received a low point in the lesson? Of course, the teacher is right, we do not always have the assiduity, the desire to conscientiously prepare a lesson, read a book and learn a poem. By myself, I know.

And that’s what I came up with. On the fencing track, we can cross swords with our teachers. There our instructors will find out what we are standing for. Let them try and win from us! True, we must also be in shape. To be good at fencing, you have to be physically fit, comply with the regime, do morning exercises, become tempered. Personally, I enroll in the fencing section. Well, what, teacher, shall we count?

Vasily Denisov “.

When the teacher read my note, she said: “I will gladly accept your challenge.” Whoever wins on the fencing track, there will not be any losers, because we will be sported by sports. “

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Do I have to go in for sports at school?