Composition on the subject School

At school, I spend almost half my life. The schedule for almost every day of my life depends on how much time I spend in school. Right after school, I do all my homework so that I can do my own business in the evening. The school I’ve been studying for many years. My parents also studied in it. How surprised I was when I found out that our math teacher was a classy leader of my dad.

We have a three-storey school, built in the form of the letter “H”. On the first floor of the building, primary classes are taught. There, the walls painted an artist and now on the walls of primary school, various characters from cartoons. Children really liked these drawings, and in general there it became bright, colorful and wonderful. On the other two floors the upper grades are taught. There are already subject rooms here.

I like the office of geography, where besides the map of the world, on the walls of the class there are many interesting things. In the study of literature on the walls hang portraits of poets and writers, and in the study of history – portraits of outstanding people. All the offices are light and spacious, with large windows and comfortable desks. On the first floor there is a large and spacious gym with all necessary equipment. I like physical education lessons, and especially in the open air, because next to our school is the stadium. In the winter we go to the forest on skis and I like these kinds of activities.

Teachers are all good. They teach us a lot of interesting and useful things. Each lesson opens up something new for me. Our class is the friendliest and we all help each other. I also like it when teachers arrange excursions for us. This is very interesting, especially if we go to watch some production. In general, study in our school is rich and varied. Always learn something new, and communication with classmates raises the mood.

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Composition on the subject School