“The first day at school” composition

School is probably the most fun time in my life. When I went to kindergarten, I dreamed of going to school as soon as possible. At that time, the school for me was something interesting, mysterious, a place where children grow up, know how to make friends and to be faithful friends. I really wanted to go to school, so I was very worried on the first day. I got up early in the morning to get dressed. My mother tied two large white ribbons on my still thin hair, prepared a bunch of asters for my first teacher. I was still a very shy girl and I was afraid of everything, so my mother brought me to school.

From the threshold of the school, my first teacher met me, how grateful I was to her, she met me with a smile, I still remember that smile and her kind eyes. She took me to a class where there were already other children: boys in shirts and girls with big white bows. Everyone rustled, laughed, everyone was happy on this first day of a new life, which I will never forget.

We, the first-graders, so beautiful and modest, met the school with applause, we went to meet a new life. Now we knew, for sure – we were expected at school.

The first day at school ended, I thought, very quickly, but I remembered for a lifetime. It was the most exciting day in my life, the day from which a completely different life was started – fun, a bit complicated, and very interesting. Here in school, I learned: what kind of devotion is friendship and how friendly the class can be. The most important person in my school life was always the first teacher who revealed all the secrets of school life to me, taught me everything she could do herself, helped me, when it was difficult, to give me new knowledge. She met me on the first school morning, and she accompanied all of us, her students, when we graduated from junior school.

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“The first day at school” composition