Biography of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya

Biography of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya is an activist, a hero of the Soviet Union.

Zoya was born on September 13, 1923 in the village of Osino-Gai, Tambov region. In 1929, together with his family began to live in Siberia. In the school years began to suffer from a nervous disease, and in 1940 fell ill with meningitis. Then Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya’s biography covered the rehabilitation course, and later the school was finished.

In October 1941, I was sent to the sabotage school of Sprogis. Becoming a member of the reconnaissance partisan unit, successfully fulfilled the first military task. The next operation, whose goal was to save the village from the German invaders, was more complicated. The group, in which Zoya was a member, set several houses with the Germans on fire. Then, detached from the group, Zoya was detained while trying to set fire to another house.

Then in the biography of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya were subjected to heavy torture, but the girl did not even give her real name. Execution of Kosmodemyanskaya stood proudly. Even with a rope around her neck, she would say the words that glorify her homeland.

Later, Kosmodemyanskaya’s biography became widely known in the USSR thanks to an article in Pravda. And on February 16, 1942 she was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

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Biography of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya