Biography of Polina Deripaska

Polina Deripaska is an entrepreneur, owner of Forward Media Group.

Polina was born in the family of the former head of the Presidential Administration B. Yeltsin – Valentin Yumashev. Since my childhood I was fond of journalism, probably, following the example of my parents.

Education in the biography of Polina Deripaska was received at the British school Milphild. Then she studied at the Moscow State University for the specialty “management”. In 2001, Polina married Oleg Deripaska. He brings up his son and daughter. Before the marriage I was fond of tennis, I was a member of the Russian youth team.

In 2006, the biography of Polina Deripaska became known not only as the wife of a billionaire, but also as head of the publishing house Ova-Press. At that time, popular magazines “Hello!”, “Interior + Design”, “My Baby and I” were published in the publishing house. After a while, the publishing house was renamed FMG – “Forward Media Group”. At the moment, Polina is chairman of the board of directors of FMG, and in the future plans to develop and increase her company.

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Biography of Polina Deripaska