Composition on the topic of self-sacrifice

The problem of self-sacrifice, heroism during the war.

The Russian Soviet writer – Vladimir Maksimovich Bogomolov in his text discusses the problem of self-sacrifice, heroism during the war.

The text refers to the history that occurred during the Great Patriotic War: it was necessary to deliver ammunition. People who did the job understood. They can die at any moment under German shells. Despite this, everyone continued to carry out the assignment. And when the barge caught fire from the mine, the soldiers and Irina courageously began to put it out.

VM Bogomolov believes that people during the war commit heroic deeds, because they are moved by feelings of patriotism, love of the Motherland.

Arguing over this problem, I recall Vasil’ev’s work “And the Dawns Here Are Quiet”, in which the heroes display heroism and courage. They understood that in no case it is impossible to retreat, one must keep to the last.

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya – the most famous partisan, who, having been captured by the Germans. despite all the terrible torture, did not tell the enemy even her own name. Nikolai Gastello – a pilot who sent a burning aircraft to the enemy, sacrificing his own life.

It is very difficult to talk about what the people who passed through the war had to go through. I believe that every person who is truly proud of his Motherland, a country, should strive for the country to be proud of it.

Text by Vladimir Bogomolov Flight “Swallows”: Incomplete

Day and night, enemy bombers were hanging over the Volga. They were racing not only for tugboats, self-propelled guns, but also for fishing boats, for small rafts – sometimes they were transported to the wounded. But the city’s creepers and military sailors of the Volga Flotilla, despite everything, delivered cargo.

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Composition on the topic of self-sacrifice