Biography of Viktor Astafyev

Biography of Viktor Astafyev

Viktor Petrovich Astafyev is a famous Soviet writer, novelist, essayist. Laureate of state prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

Childhood and youth

Victor was born on May 1, 1924 in a small village Ovsyanka Yenisei province.

Even in a brief biography of Astafiev, you can list many tragic moments. Even when Victor was a child, his father was arrested, and his mother died during one of her trips to her husband. Victor Astafiev spent his childhood with his grandmother and grandfather. About this time the writer left a lot of bright memories, which he later described in his autobiography.

After Victor’s father left prison and once again married, the family moved to the town of Igarka in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. When the father came to the hospital, and the new family turned away from Victor, he was literally on the street. After wandering for two months, he was sent to an orphanage.


In 1942, Astafyev voluntarily went to the front. At the Novosibirsk Infantry School, he learned military matters. And already in 1943 I went to war. Having changed several activities, until the end of the war he was an ordinary soldier. During the service Astafyev was awarded the medal “For Courage”, the Order of the Red Star.

When the war ended, Astafyev married the writer Maria Koryakina, along with her settled in the city of Chusovoi, Perm Region. While living there, he changed several professions: he was

a fitter, a teacher, a storekeeper, he worked at a local meat processing plant. However, in addition to work, Victor was interested in literature: he was even a regular member of the literary circle.

Literary career

For the first time the story of Astafiev was published in 1951. In the same year Victor began to work in the newspaper “Chusovsky Rabochiy”, this place did not leave 4 years. For the newspaper Astafiev wrote many articles, essays, stories, his literary talent began to unfold more fully. In 1953 Astafiev’s book Until Next Spring was published.

And in 1958, in the biography of Viktor Astafiev, an important event occurred – he was admitted to the Writers’ Union. To improve his literary level Astafyev studied at the Higher Literary Courses from 1959 to 1961.

If we briefly describe the works of Viktor Astafiev, we can say that they cover military, anti-Soviet, rural themes.

Throughout his career Astafyev has written many works. For example, the novels “Until the Next Spring”, “Melting the Snow,” “Cursed and Killed.” Among his novels: Starodub, Slush Autumn, So You Want to Live, From Silent Light, Merry Soldier, Vasyutkino Lake, Tsar-Fish.

The collection “Last Bow” included autobiographical stories by Astafiev about life in the Siberian village, which he wrote for children.


The writer died in Krasnoyarsk on November 29, 2001 and was buried in his native village Ovsyanka.

Biography of Viktor Astafyev