Biography of Gregory Kotovsky

Biography of Gregory Kotovsky

Grigory Ivanovich Kotovsky – military leader, politician.

Gregory was born June 12, 1881 in a small village of Bessarabia province. His father worked as a mechanic, and six children were brought up in the family. Despite the fact that the roots of Kotovsky went to an aristocratic family, his family belonged to the philistine class.

Already in his childhood, Kotovsky’s biography was different from his peers. He was a strong, athletic boy. And when he lost his mother and father, he began to be brought up by the godmother Sofia Szull.

Grigory entered the Kukuruzen Agricultural College, where he became close with the Socialist-Revolutionaries. After graduating from college, he worked in various estates of the province as an assistant manager. But nowhere did

he stay long because of his stern temper, his predilection for theft. So Kotovsky Grigory in the biography eventually became a famous person in gangster circles. In 1905 he was arrested for not having performed his military duties. Kotovsky was sent to the front, but he deserted, and besides he collected and began to lead a detachment that plundered the landowners, their estates, and distributed everything received to the poor. For a long time Gregory could not catch, the peasants lent their support to the detachment, hiding from the gendarmes.

In 1906, Kotovsky Grigory Ivanovich in his biography was still arrested. He escaped from prison, and six months later was again detained. This time he was sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. He stayed in Siberia, then in Orel Central, Nerchinsk. Kotovsky returned to Bessarabia, where he soon again headed his group. Over time, the scope of the group increased: from 1915, raids on banks, offices, treasuries began. After the robbery of the Bendery treasury was arrested, sentenced to death. But Kotovsky’s cunning and resourcefulness again allowed him to escape punishment. He was placed in Odessa prison, where in 1917 he was released.

Then, in the biography of Kotovsky, the war period came again: as part of the Taganrog Infantry Regiment, he was sent to the Romanian Front. Already

in January 1918 in Chisinau led the operation to cover the withdrawal of the Bolsheviks. Then he began to manage the cavalry group, and after the conclusion of the Beresteysky world his group was dissolved.

In 1919, in the biography of Gregory Kotovsky, the post of head of the Ovidiopol Military Commissariat was obtained. Then he became commander of the brigade of the rifle division, fought on the Soviet-Polish front. In 1920 he headed the entire 17th Cavalry Division, suppressed the revolts of the Petlyuraites, the Makhnovists, the Antonovites. Then he began to command the 9th Division, the 2nd Cavalry Corps.

On August 6, 1925, the biography of Grigory Ivanovich Kotovsky was interrupted. He was shot while resting on the Black Sea coast near Odessa. Documents of the Kotovsky case are kept in the department of a special depository, access to which is prohibited. After death, Kotovsky’s body was embalmed, and later the mausoleum was built.

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Biography of Gregory Kotovsky