Biography of Mark Tishman

Mark Iosifovich Tishman is a singer, TV presenter, composer.

Mark Tishman was born in Makhachkala on August 22, 1979. His family was not connected with music: his father was an engineer, and his mother a doctor. Nevertheless, in the biography of Mark Tishman, his passion for music manifested itself in his childhood. He studied piano at the music school in Makhachkala. And after that, winning the children’s competition for knowledge of foreign languages, was sent to the United States. In addition to the usual training, Mark worked there in the children’s choir.

Excellent marks and profound knowledge allowed Mark Tishman after entering the Makhachkala school to enter Moscow State University. There Tishman’s biography was taught at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. In addition to English, Tishman is fluent in Spanish. But even studying at Moscow State University, Tishman was fond of music. He took singing lessons, and immediately after graduating from university

entered the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. Frequent participation in musical productions allowed Mark to gain experience, even more to love the scene. Mark Tishman in the biography played even the main role in the musical “Kiss me, Cat.”

Also Mark did not leave singing: he was a member of the group “Trade Union” until 2006. The team won the “Sea Knot” competition in 2004. After leaving the group, Mark Tishman did not leave his singing in his biography. He composed music, performed with his songs, and besides starred in the television series, he conducted a telecast.

In 2007, Mark Tishman’s biography featured an important event: he passed the selection of participants to the “Star Factory-7” with the song “I’ll Be Your Angel”. Participation in this project gave a lot to Tishman: it was learned not only by listeners, but also by influential musical figures of the country. As a result, Tishman took second place at the “Star Factory”. After the end of the project in the biography of Tishman tours began.

The singer

took part in many concerts and programs. For example, in the program “Two stars”, “Song of the Year”, “Night on the First”, “Miss Russia”. Mark showed himself as a talented composer: he composed music and words for the Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness in Russia.

In 2008, Tishman’s biography took part in the gala concert of the festival “Five Stars: Interviews 2008”. In the same year he became the host of the concert “Graduation Ball”, as well as one of the leading festival “New songs about the main thing”.

Participating in the show “Two stars” in 2009, along with Nonna Grishaeva took first place. And in 2010 he participated in the project “The Property of the Republic.” Also Mark Tishman in his biography pays great attention to charity projects: he is a leading participant in many charity festivals.

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Biography of Mark Tishman