Katarov’s “Spoilers” in brief

Katarov’s “Spoilers” in brief

The courier Nikita placed a glass of tea before the chief accountant, Philip Stepanovich Prokhorov, but did not quit. He clearly wanted to talk.

Newspapers were full of reports of embezzlement and embezzlement and a general raid in Moscow their escape from justice. Even in the house on Myasnitskaya, where their office is located, five institutions already squandered money from six institutions. “Some of us have not spent the whole house,” concluded Nikita.

Philip Stepanovich waved it off. He was moderate and diligent in official affairs, and accounted and financed from the time of the end of the Russo-Japanese War. For all that, there was, in his nature, an almost adventurous vein, though almost imperceptible. There was also inoffensive arrogance, born long ago,

when he read in the high-society novel the phrase: “The Count Guido jumped on his horse…”

An hour or three before the chief accountant looked at the cashier Vanya: tomorrow it will be necessary to pay employees salaries. I’ll have to go to the bank and get twelve thousand. Nikita, hearing this, went for his colleagues. When they got the money, he demanded to give out a salary to him and, by proxy, the cleaning lady Sergeeva. Make it comfortable in a quiet dining room around the corner. We drank beer and had a snack. Vanechka ran after the vodka, so then the chief accountant did not want to part with the cashier and invited him to his house.

Яниночка, the wife, has met the loaded revelers revelers desperate abuse. Under the sound of the slap and squeal of his wife, Philip Stepanovich and Vanechka rushed from the apartment, hired a cabman and found themselves on Strastnaya, where they already went with the girls to the nearest rooms. The next morning, however, friends woke up not in numbers, but in a compartment of a train approaching Leningrad. Isabella said that tickets bought suddenly appeared Nikita, that Vanechkina companion fled to Klin, but in Leningrad he will find a new girlfriend.

Locked in the restroom, the men counted the cash: thousands of three hundred as it had not happened.

“What will happen?” – Vanechka was stunned. Glavbukh, unexpectedly even for himself, winked: “Nothing will happen.” We go to ourselves and go. ” From the depths of memory emerged: “The Count Guido jumped on his horse…”

In Leningrad, they settled in the hotel Hygiene. Isabella brought the promised maid to the cashier, bony, lazy and monstrously high. The four of them were smoking, playing cards and roulette. Huge money gave a sense of cheapness and accessibility of pleasure. However, I wanted to “explore” the city without a companion.

They managed to slip away from them and go on a cab to Nevsky, to the Bronze Horseman, to the embankments, to the Winter… Philip Stepanovich was shocked. Vanechka was tormented by impatience rather “doobsledovat” the city and get acquainted with the former princesses. The cabby drove them to the “Bar”, that at the European hotel, from where, accompanied by an elegant young man, they departed by car to the “higher society”.

In the blue living room of the mansion on Kamennoostrovsky there were generals in epaulettes, ladies, dignitaries, cavaliers, girls in ball gowns. On the blue carpet, Emperor Nicholas II paced. He greeted and asked: “Vodka? Beer? Champagne? Or right on the top nine?”

Philip Stepanovich swayed and said slowly: “Very good, I’m Count Guido with my cashier, Vanya.” The cashier at this time already became acquainted with the girl: “Are you, I’m sorry, the princess?” “With your permission, the princess.”

… Count Guido rescued from the mansion Isabella, through her friends found out where her companions were taken. Vanya was not in the mansion. He went with the princess, long traveled to restaurants. In the end they stopped at a wooden house. The companion demanded money and led him into the closet. Because of the cotton canopy loud snoring was heard. It was the poor, sick mother, the princess, who was sleeping. The girl demanded another hundred chervontsi, but she did not allow herself to: “Do not touch, first go to the bath!” Because of the cotton curtain came a child in his underpants and threw the cashier out onto the street.

In the hotel “Hygiene” a person who called himself an authorized representative of some Tsekhomkom, smeared Muscovites in the province: so if you inspect, so survey. The train started a game of nine, and the chief accountant would have been blown out in smoke, but in the city of Kalinov, Prokhorov and Vanechka fled the train. At thirty versts was the native village of the cashier. Moonshine streamed in the hut of the widow Klyukvina, very soon, however, guessed where the son of money. The chairman of the village soviet was just as ingenious. I had to run. Woke up on the train, not knowing where to go. The neighbor was a solid-looking, unusually tidy and courteous citizen – the engineer Sholte. After listening to the complains of friends for the lack of worthy survey facilities in both Leningrad and the provinces, he asked if they had much money. Twelve thousand he called the sum, on which half of the globe can be surveyed, including the Crimea and the Caucasus. It turned out that he had also been “examining” for four months. Scholte was very surprised that they had not seen anything. Now there will be Kharkov, let them take the train to Minvod and…

At the cash register, friends found that there was already no money to return to Moscow. I had to sell my coat…

In March, Philip Stepanovich and Vanechka were taken from the building of the provincial court under escort. Nikita, who was close to him, Vanechka showed a stretched five-five years.

Katarov’s “Spoilers” in brief