Biography of Yuri Shatunov

Yuri Shatunov – a singer, a former member of the group “Affectionate May”.

Yuri was born on September 6, 1973 in the city of Kumertau of the Republic of Bashkortostan. After the tragic event in the biography of Shatunov – the death of his mother, first he began to be brought up by his aunt, but later he found himself in an orphanage. In 1986 he found himself in the Orenburg boarding school.

It was there in the biography of Yuri Shatunov that his first songs were recorded. Acquainted with Sergei Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav Ponomarev, Sergei Serkov, Chatunov with the group “Tender May” recorded songs on a tape recorder. Then, in a biography of the singer Yuri Shatunov, by a lucky chance, the songs were heard by Andrei Razin. He took up the leadership of the group.

The official year of the “Tender May” is 1988. Since then, the songs of the band have conquered the whole of the Soviet Union, and in the biography of Yuri Shatunov was gained great popularity. One of the most famous songs of the band were: “White roses”, “Gray night”, “Childhood” and many others.

After the collapse of the group in 1992, Shatunov began to speak independently. In 1995 he released his first solo album – “You Remember…”. Since that time several other albums have appeared in the biography of Yu. Shatunov: in 1996 “Artificial Breath”, in 2001 “Remember May”, in 2002 “Gray Night”, in 2002 “Leaves fall”, in 2003 “Diary”, in 2004 ” If you want… Do not be afraid, “in 2007″ Write down my voice. ” He is married and has a son.

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Biography of Yuri Shatunov