Biography of Musa Jalil

Musa Jalil is a poet, Hero of the Soviet Union.

Musa Jalil was born on February 2, 1906 in the village of Mustafino, Orenburg region, in a Tatar family. Education in the biography of Musa Jalil was received in the madrasah “Khusainia” in Orenburg. Jalil since 1919 is a member of the Komsomol. Education Musa continued at Moscow State University, where he studied at the Literary Department. After graduation, he worked as an editor for children’s magazines.

For the first time the work of Jalil was published in 1919, and his first collection was published in 1925. Ten years later, two more collections of the poet were published: “Orderless millions”, “Poems and poems.” Also Musa Jalil in his biography was secretary of the Writers’ Union.

In 1941, he went to the front, where he not only fought, but also was a military correspondent. After falling into captivity in 1942, he was in the concentration camp of Spandau. There he organized an underground organization that helped the prisoners to escape. In the camp in the biography of Musa Jalil there was still a place for creativity. There he wrote a series of poems. For his work in the underground group was executed in Berlin on August 25, 1944. In 1956, the writer and activist was named Hero of the Soviet Union.

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Biography of Musa Jalil