Biography of Lera Kozlova

Valeria S. Kozlova is a singer, a former member of the Ranetki group, an actress.

Lera was born on January 22, 1988 in Moscow. Childhood in the biography of Lera Kozlova was filled with musical and sports hobbies. She danced, and also played drums.

August 2005 marks the beginning of a creative career in the biography of Lera Kozlova. Together with Zhenya Ogurtsova, Anya Rudneva, Natasha Shchelkova, and later Lena Tretyakova Lera began to play in the band “Ranetki.” The band soon became famous, and Lera was both a soloist and a drummer. After writing the song for the series “Cadets”, the girl’s group was invited to appear in the series. So in the biography of Lera Kozlova from the group “Ranetki” was tried the role of an actress.

Despite the huge popularity of the band, Lera started her solo career in 2009. This decision was difficult for the girl, but the conflict with the producer of the group Sergei Melnichenko prompted to leave the “Ranetok.” Now the girl acts as LeRanet or simply LeRa, and the first solo song was already loved by listeners “It was or was not.” The first solo concert of Lera Kozlova in the biography took place on February 20, 2009. The singer writes her debut solo album, continues to star in the series.

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Biography of Lera Kozlova