Biography of Lenda Murray

Lenda Murray is a professional bodybuilder, eight-time winner of Miss Olympia.

Lenda was born on February 22, 1962 in Detroit, Michigan. First education in the biography of Lenda Murray was obtained at the Henry Ford School in Detroit. Even then, Lenda was fond of sports – running, and also was a member of the support group. Then, at the University of Michigan, Murray studied political science.

In 1985, Lenda began to engage in bodybuilding. She quickly raised her level. So, soon Murray won several regional victories. In 1989, Lenda became a professional bodybuilder, having won the North American Championship. Then Murray joined the International Bodybuilding Federation. Soon, Lenda already flaunted in many sports magazines.

In 1990, the first title of “Miss Olympia” was received in the biography of Lenda Murray. After that, for another 5 years, Lenda was the winner. In 1996 and 1997 took the second place. And in 2002, 2003, she again won the victory at Miss Olympia. In 2004, she finished second, followed by Iris Kyle. After that, I stopped participating in competitions. Now the athlete lives in Atlanta, Georgia, together with her husband.

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Biography of Lenda Murray