Biography of Bob Marley

Biography of Bob Marley

Bob Marley is a singer, guitarist, famous in reggae style, an activist.

Born Bob Marley in the Jamaican village of Nine Miles. He was interested in music since childhood, and after moving to Kingston began to develop his abilities. After graduating from school, I went to work as a mechanic. And in his spare time together Neville Livingston and Joe Higgs studied music.

The first song in the biography of Bob Marley was recorded at age 16 – “Judge Not”. Then in 1963 he organized the band “The Wailers”, whose music became very popular in Jamaica. But already in 1966 the group disintegrated. After a short work in the US, Marley returned to his homeland and rebuilt the group.

International fame finally came to “The Wailers” in 1972, when a contract was signed with the company “Island Records” and the album “Catch A Fire” was released. And next year the band began to tour the US. After the group left several participants, Marley supplemented the composition of the female trio and changed the name.

After the world tour and huge popularity of the biography of Bob Marley became known as one of the leading performers in the style of reggae. Also, Marley supported the movement of Pan-Africanism, was a participant in the social movement of Rastafarianism. Bob Marley died of a malignant tumor on May 11, 1981.

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Biography of Bob Marley