Biography of Joseph Brodsky

Iosif Alexandrovich Brodsky – writer, translator.

Joseph Brodsky was born on May 24, 1940 in Leningrad. Two years later, when the blockade was over, a move to Cherepovets took place in Brodsky’s biography. But the image of post-war Leningrad was preserved for a long time in the poet’s work.

After the end of the seven classes, Brodsky left school. Since then I’ve tried many professions – I tried to become a doctor, was a sailor, a worker, but I was always interested in literature. In the next few years in his biography Joseph Brodsky met many talented writers. The first public speech of the poet was held on February 14, 1960.

In 1963, an article appeared about Brodsky, obviously distorting his poems, and in 1964 the writer was arrested. At that time, if we consider a brief biography of Brodsky, he had to part with his beloved woman – Marina Basmanova. Two misfortunes led to a sharp deterioration in Brodsky’s health. The writer was sent into exile in the Arkhangelsk region for five years. But after the trial for Brodsky many writers stood up, a human rights movement began, so in a year and a half the punishment was abolished. In 1965, Brodsky’s biography included an entry into the writers ‘group of the Writers’ Union.

In 1972, thanks to the efforts of the authorities, Brodsky was sent into exile. First he arrived in Austria, then to London, and then began to work as a professor at the University of Michigan, then – at Columbia, New York University. The writer won the Nobel Prize in 1987. Having never been to his homeland, Brodsky died in January 1996 in New York.

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Biography of Joseph Brodsky