Biography Nona Grishaeva

Biography Nona Grishaeva

Nona Valentinovna Grishaeva is an actress, Honored Artist of Russia.

Nona was born on July 21, 1971 in Odessa. There all the childhood in the biography of Nonna Grishaeva passed. From a young age the girl aspired to become an actress. Also Nonna attended a ballet school, which added her grace and grace. Her first role in the theater, though small, Nonna played in 10 years.

After finishing school, Nonna very much wanted to enter the theater institute in Moscow. But my mother was not happy with this decision of her daughter, because she did not want her to be alone in a strange huge city. So Grishaeva entered the Odessa Music College. During one of the holidays for Nonna Grishaeva in her biography the first real theatrical experience was received. She and other students played

a fairy tale at the Viktyuk Theater. This revived the girl’s desire to become an actress.

So Nonna went to enter the Shchukin school. After passing all the exams, she began to study on the course of V. Ivanov. At that time there were hard times in the country. So for Nina Grishaeva, the biography of those years was not easy either. But the actress with happiness remembers this time, because she could play those roles that she chose. Nona began to work, not yet graduated from college. She tried herself in a comedy genre, starring in the program “Oba-na.” After graduating from college in 1994, she immediately married Anton Deborov. Subsequently, in their seven-year marriage, a daughter was born.

The first role in the cinema in the biography of Grishaeva was played in 1992. And immediately after graduation, Nonna simultaneously starred in three films. Also Nonna continued to play in the theater. At that time, she took part in the productions: “Princess Turandot”, “I do not know you anymore”, “Scrapin’s tricks”, “Life is a dream”, “Lefty” and others. The cherished role in the production of “Mademoiselle Nitouche” was played by her much later, after almost 10 years.

In 2006, in the biography of Nona Grishaeva, the happy time of the wedding came again. She married Alexander Nesterov, and the painting itself took place in the town hall in the central square of Prague. In their union a son was born. Since then, her acting career is gaining momentum. Nonna has appeared in many films. Also Grishaeva is a member of the troupe of the humorous telecast “The Big Difference.” In 2009, together with Mark Tishman won the contest “Two Stars”.

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Biography Nona Grishaeva