Biography of Vladimir Kuzmin

Vladimir Borisovich Kuzmin is a musician, a singer.

Vladimir was born May 31, 1955 in Moscow in the family of an officer. At school I studied perfectly. The main passion in the biography of Vladimir Kuzmin has been music since childhood. The boy learned to play the guitar on his own. And he graduated from music school in violin. In high school I played guitar on school evenings, singing popular songs. His first song he wrote at the age of six.

After school in the biography of Vladimir Kuzmin followed receipt in the Moscow Railway Institute. But soon realizing that his calling was quite different, Kuzmin left the institute and went to study at a music school. Having received education, he began to play in different ensembles. Initially, he performed with VIA “Nadezhda”, then for almost a year he appeared in the “Gems”.

In 1979, in the biography of Kuzmin, together with Alexander Barykin, the “Carnival” group was created. Kuzmin

has developed his own unique style, starting saxophone moves to apply in the game of guitar. Most of the group’s repertoire consisted of Kuzmin’s songs. As a result, “Carnival” became very popular in Moscow. In 1980, the strongest songs entered the album “Superman”. But because of the different views on the future, the group disintegrated. And in 1982 Vladimir Kuzmin in his biography organized the group “Dynamics”. The band played quite diverse music, quickly becoming famous. In the same year, Kuzmin was invited by the musician to record the songs of several LPs by Yuri Antonov.

Even more, the biography of Vladimir Kuzmin became famous after her collaboration with Alla Pugacheva. In 1985, the musician became a stage partner of the Diva, and in 1986, along with her, he reached the final of “Song of the Year.” In 1987 the composition of the group was almost completely replaced. The updated team “Dynamics” successfully worked together. The following year, in the biography of Kuzmin came his solo record “My Love” with more lyrical, sentimental


Having revived the “Dynamik”, Kuzmin released one of the most successful albums – “Tears on Fire.” But because of the popularity of the group, interfering with work, was forced to leave the country. Kuzmin went to America, where he continued to play and perform. Together with local musicians he performed in nightclubs. And in 1992 in the biography of Kuzmin returned to Russia. Again rebuilding “Dynamics”, but with a different composition, Kuzmin began to tour the country.

In the mid-1990s, Vladimir Kuzmin opened his studio. Kuzmin continues to work fruitfully, creating a new, diverse music. In total for his biography Kuzmin wrote more than 200 songs, published 22 albums.

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Biography of Vladimir Kuzmin