Biography of Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – President of the United States.

Roosevelt was born in a very influential family of an entrepreneur. Education in the biography of Franklin Roosevelt was received at the Gorton School. Then he studied at Harvard, Columbia University. Shortly after working as a lawyer, he soon became a member of the Democratic Party.

After being elected to the New York Senate, he became assistant to the maritime ministry. The defeat in the elections of 1920, on which Roosevelt ran for the vice-presidents, for some time reduced his political activity. In the next few years, he took the initiative only within the Democratic Party.

But becoming the 32nd president of the United States, he managed not only to carry out many reforms in the country, but also to establish foreign policy relations with the Soviet Union. At the internal state level, Roosevelt took the “New Deal”. With his policy, he brought the US economy out of the crisis. It’s amazing, but for his biography Roosevelt was elected four times by the president. Two years after his death, from the hemorrhage to the brain, 22 amendments to the Constitution were adopted, banning to run for president for a third term.

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Biography of Franklin Roosevelt