Biography of Yuri Gagarin

Biography of Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin is a Russian pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, the first person to have been in space.

Childhood and Education

Gagarin Yuri Alekseevich was born on March 9, 1934 in the village of Klushino, Smolensk region. In 1941, the future cosmonaut went to school, but because of the German occupation, training had to be discontinued until 1943.

In 1945, Gagarin’s family moved to the city of Gzhatsk. Having finished the sixth grade in 1949, Yuri Alekseevich entered the Lyubertsy vocational school, at the same time he studied at the school of working young people. Since 1951 Gagarin is studying at the foundry of the Saratov Industrial Technical School.

Commencement of flight service

Since 1954, Yuri Alekseevich began to engage

in the Saratov Aeroclub. In 1955, he made his first flight on a Yak-18 plane.

In 1955, Gagarin was drafted to the Orenburg Aviation School. Teacher Yuri Alekseevich was the famous instructor Y. Sh. Akbulatov. In 1957, Gagarin enlisted in the fighter aviation division in the village of Luostari, Murmansk region.

Preparing for a flight into space

Having learned about the selection of cosmonauts for the first flight on the Vostok-1 spacecraft, Gagarin submits a report on enrolling him in a group of candidates. In March 1960, after passing two medical examinations, Yuri Alekseevich is recognized as suitable for flights into space. In the process of preparation, the best instructors worked with the candidates.

During the private meeting of the State Commission, the candidature of Yuri Gagarin was approved, the biography and results of which optimally met the necessary requirements. The double of Yuri Alexeyevich was appointed by German Titov.

A space flight. “Peace Mission”

April 12, 1961, the ship “East” with Gagarin on board went into space and made a revolution around the Earth. Immediately after the flight Gagarin was promoted to the rank of major. The cosmonaut was organized a magnificent meeting in Moscow. During the rally on Red Square, Khrushchev announced the

awarding of Yuri Alekseevich titles Hero of the Soviet Union and the USSR Pilot-Cosmonaut. Brezhnev handed Gagarin the Order of Lenin and the Golden Star.

After the flight Gagarin made several trips, the so-called “Peace Mission”, to different countries. The cosmonaut met with Elizabeth II, Harold Macmillan, Abdel Hakim Ameria, Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Last years

From 1961 to 1968 Gagarin studied at the Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky. After graduation, he received the qualification “pilot-engineer-cosmonaut”.

Since 1964, Gagarin is appointed head of the Cosmonaut Training Center, he serves as a deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

In 1966, cosmonaut Gagarin was elected Honorary Member of the International Academy of Astronautics.

Despite the long break in flight practice, Yuri Alekseevich tried to restore his qualification as a fighter pilot. March 27, 1968 biography Gagarin was interrupted – the great astronaut crashed on the plane UTI MiG-15 during the training flight. On board the aircraft was also Colonel Vladimir Seregin. The bodies of the pilots were cremated.

Interesting Facts
    Gagarin’s parents were peasants. My father was a carpenter, and my mother worked at a dairy farm. Gagarin’s wife, Valentina Goryacheva, was an employee of the Medical Department at the Mission Control Center. They were married in 1957. For 1 hour and 48 minutes of flight on the ship “East” Gagarin flew over the Earth, landing in the village of Saratov region. Despite the rich social life, Gagarin found time for personal life and hobbies. Yuri Alekseevich collected cacti and liked to ride water-skiing. Soon after the flight Gagarin wrote a documentary story for children – “I see the Earth…”.

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Biography of Yuri Gagarin