Biography of Alexander Kozlov

Biography of Alexander Kozlov

Alexander Konstantinovich Kozlov is a musician, a doctor.

Alexander Kozlov was born on September 25, 1961 in the city of Asbest, in the Sverdlovsk region, in a working family. Since childhood in the biography of Alexander Kozlov, the music education has taken an important place besides the school. Being in the fifth grade, he, on the advice of his parents, began to attend a music school, studying violin classes.

Ideas for creating their own songs and the group as a whole in Kozlov’s biography appeared in school. There he began to play in the vocal-instrumental ensemble and quickly received the missing musical knowledge. Alexander was one of the founders of the group “Agatha Christie”.

He received further education at the Sverdlovsk Medical Institute, where he took his studies seriously, and only devoted the first four courses to classes. After graduating from residency, Alexander entered post graduate school. But because of frequent performances, he devoted less time to work, after all, decided to stop at music, leaving medicine.

Alexander Kozlov in the biography composed music for a lot of songs. For example, to hits “Fairy taiga”, “Carpet-plane”, “Baby”, “Sailor”, “Love me, love”. Alexander died on March 1, 2001 from a heart attack.

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Biography of Alexander Kozlov