Biography of Nikita Muravyov

Nikita Mikhaylovich Muravyov is a Decembrist, one of the most important ideologists of the movement.

Nikita was born into a noble family in St. Petersburg. The first education in the biography of N. Muraviev was received at home. Then he entered the Moscow University, after which he began working as a registrar in the Department of the Ministry of Justice.

1812 in the biography of NM Muravyov is indicated by the entry into the army. Already in 1813 he became ensign. Nikita Muravyov took part in the battles of Dresden, Hamburg, fought against Napoleon. Since 1817, he was a mason, he was a member of the Lodge of Three Virtues. In 1820 he retired on petition, then began to serve in the Guards General Staff.

Muravyov contributed to the formation of the Union of Salvation, the Union of Prosperity. Being a zealous activist, at one of the meetings in 1820, he expressed the idea of ​​establishing a republican form of government through an armed uprising.

In 1821, for N. M. Muravyov in the biography there was another important event – he organized the Northern Society. In the same year, the activist developed his own version of the Constitution, but after criticizing the odnodumtsy corrected some points.

Despite the fact that in December 1825 Muravyov left Petersburg, he was arrested on December 20, since he was considered to be involved in the work of the secret society. December 26 was placed in the Peter and Paul Fortress, convicted of 20 years of hard labor. However, later the term was changed, shortened to 15 years. In December 1826, Muravyov arrived in Siberia. Nikita’s wife, Alexander Chernyshova, went with her husband. In 1836 he arrived in Irkutsk, died there, in Irkutsk province in 1843.

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Biography of Nikita Muravyov