Biography of Andrei Sakharov

Biography of Andrei Sakharov

Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov is a physicist, a member of the Academy of Sciences, winner of the Nobel Prize, politician.

Andrei Sakharov was born on May 21, 1921 in Moscow. Andrei’s father was a teacher. Therefore it is not surprising that the first education in the biography of Andrei Sakharov was received at home. He went to school only from the 7th grade. And in 1938 he entered the Moscow University at the Faculty of Physics. He graduated from the school in 1942.

Then Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov in his biography was sent to Ulyanovsk, the cartridge factory. Already at that time I made several discoveries, extremely important in wartime. In 1945 he began to study in graduate school at the Lebedev Physical Institute. Two years later he defended his thesis.

Twenty years of biography of Academician Sakharov were devoted to the development of thermonuclear weapons. He is one of the founders of the study of a controlled thermonuclear reaction. In 1953, simultaneously with the degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Sakharov became a member of the Academy of Science.

Also, the biography of AD Sakharov is known as an active politician. He opposed the tests of vigorous weapons and against the death penalty, was one of the founders of the Human Rights Committee.

In 1973, an active propaganda campaign against dissidents was conducted in the USSR, an open letter from a group of Soviet writers was published in the Pravda newspaper, which spoke out against anti-Soviet actions and speeches by Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov.

In 1975 he received the Nobel Prize.

But after 5 years Sakharov was sent to exile in Gorky, where he spent almost seven years. Returning to Moscow, he again began working at the Lebedev Institute, and in 1989 he became a people’s deputy. Sakharov died on December 14, 1989.

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Biography of Andrei Sakharov