To Sherlock Holmes, a young man named Hall Picrotha turns for help. Mr. Picrot for many years served in a brokerage firm that went bankrupt. After receiving excellent recommendations, he searched for work for a long time. Having spent all his savings and already despairing, Mr. Picroct suddenly took a place in a big banker’s house with a good salary and familiar work. Then a certain Arthur Pinner appeared to him. After asking a few questions about the current stock price, Pinner said that Mr. Picrocott deserved more than being a simple clerk, and he offered him a place in his firm. He and hisRead More →

The verb’s face in Russian is the inflectional grammatical category of verbs expressing the correlation of the action called the verb to the speech participants. That is, the face of the verb indicates who performs the action. The category of the person is inherent in the verbal forms of the present and future time of the indicative mood, as well as the forms of the imperative mood. The meaning of the category of verbs In Russian, there are three persons of the verb in the singular and in the plural, expressing a different meaning called the action verb. 1 person of the verb – indicatesRead More →

Michael Phelps – swimmer, was born on June 30, 1985 in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The biography of Michael Phelps is best known as the history of an athlete who won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. American swimmer Phelps won 14 gold Olympic medals, more than anyone else. During his career he earned 16 gold medals: 8 of them at the Beijing Olympics, six gold medals, two bronze medals at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. When the athlete was only 15, he was already a member of the American team at the Olympic Games in Sydney. He became the fifth atRead More →

The action unfolds in the late XVI or early XVII century. on four continents, everywhere where Spain has any possessions or where it is trying to conquer something else, and also on the sea, that is, the giant scene of this voluminous five hundred pages, the play is the whole world, the whole universe. It consists of four “days”, that is, four actions. The drama “Satin’s shoe” was created explicitly with a glance at the tradition of Christian mysteries, where tales of saints, martyrs, angels were transferred to the stage. Here, too, there are saints and angels among the characters, and the play is asRead More →

Jeffrey Chaucer The Canterbury Tales The general prologue In spring, in April, when the earth wakes from hibernation, on all sides of England flock of pilgrims to the abbey of Canterbury bow to the relics of St. Thomas Becket. Once in Tabard’s tavern, in Sauerk, a rather diverse company of pilgrims gathered, all of whom were united: they all kept their way to Canterbury. There were twenty-nine of them. During dinner, many of the guests had time to get acquainted and talk. The guests were of different ranks and occupation, which, incidentally, did not prevent them from supporting a casual conversation. Among them was theRead More →

In the summer, many townspeople try to leave the city at least for a weekend – who is at the dacha, who is on the bank of the river, who is in the village. And always, enjoying the view of nature, we have the thought: “It is good to have a house in the village.” Yes, well, of course. And there may be an impression that in the village people should be healthier than citizens and, naturally, live longer than the latter. This opinion has always existed and continues to exist. Is this really so? Do residents of villages and villages live longer than residentsRead More →

The teacher of Russian language and literature in a small provincial town Sergey Vasilievich Nikitin is in love with the daughter of a local landowner Masha Shelestova, eighteen years old, who “has not yet been considered to be small in the family” and therefore calls her Maney and Manyusey, and when the circus she visited in the city zealously attended, it began to be called Maria Godfroi. She is a passionate horse, like her father; often with his sister and guests (mostly officers from a regiment located in the city), she goes riding on horseback, picking up a special horse for Nikitin, since he isRead More →

Parts of speech are grammatical classes of words into which words are combined on the basis of the following signs: 1) the general grammatical meaning (of the subject, action, feature of the subject, sign of action, quantity); 2) the general system of change (nouns declined, adjectives lean, verbs conjugate, etc.); 3) the general syntactic function. These features are distinguished by parts of speech: 1. The noun (denotes an object in a broad sense, has a gender, varies in numbers and cases, in the sentence is usually a subject or a supplement). 2. Adjective (denotes the attributes of the object, varies by gender, number and case,Read More →

Alan Greenspan is an influential American economist. Childhood and youth Alan Greenspan was born in Washington Heights, New York. His father was Herbert Greenspan, a stockbroker and market analyst in New York, and his mother was Rose Goldsmith. His family was of Jewish origin. In 1943, he graduated from the George Washington High School and entered the prestigious Julliard School, where he studied the clarinet, where he played with his school friend Stan Goetz. In 1948, Greenspan received a bachelor’s degree in economics, and in 1950 – a master’s degree in economics from New York University. After that, he entered Columbia University for further studyRead More →

Great Britain is an island nation in the north-west of Europe, whose creative personalities are known all over the world. But now we are interested in musicians who have left the British Isles. If you look at the top twenty singles of America’s most important music chart “Billboard”, then a rather impressive part of the musicians in it are natives of the United Kingdom. And to show who of the modern musicians of this great nation has become famous overseas, we have compiled a list of 10 British singers who successfully send their music for export to the United States. Thanks to the phenomenal successRead More →