This surrealistic self-portrait was written in 1939. It was executed with the help of oil on canvas 5’9 “x 5’9”. Now he is in the Museum of Modern Art. Mexico City. This image of her “reality” painfully portrayed in one of the most famous paintings of Kalo “The Two Frida” (THE TWO FRIDAS). Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) was legendary in the world of beauty. whose life and art paintings fueled interest in Mexican art. Having suffered poliomyelitis at the age of six. Frida experienced an almost fatal outcome at the age of 18. who pressed her spine and pelvis. Despite 32 subsequent operations beforeRead More →

When looking at a portrait, you readily believe that it is an “Angel descended to earth.” Rokotov left us a portrait of a beautiful woman, with a slightly sad look, she seemed to “go away” and think about something. everything in this portrait is harmonious – and black, brooding eyes, a line of eyebrows, a calm smile. One of the best portraitists of the eighteenth century, Rokotov was a mysterious man. The riddle is already his origin: he was born in the family of serf Prince Repnin, according to the metric record he is listed as “freeborn.” Prince Repnin had several illegitimate children, but heRead More →

The right choice of life path brings great moral satisfaction, as a person gets the opportunity for greater self-realization, because only in a loved one can you achieve really significant success. And besides, doing the work for which you were born, you can bring great benefits to people. There is a legend about “embers of calling.” Each of us has his own “coal of calling.” And, if this coal has got to the wrong person, for which it is intended, it will only fester all his life, or even completely go out. So, in the story of Eugenia Veltistov’s “Adventures of Electronics” Seryozhka Syroezhkin painfullyRead More →

Grandmother’s gift I had a grandmother. And she loved me very much. She came to visit us every month and gave us toys. And she brought along a whole basket of cakes. Of all the cakes she allowed me to choose the one that I like. And my elder sister Lelyu did not like her grandmother, and did not allow her to choose cakes. She herself gave her what it would be. And from this my little sister Lelya whimpered and angry with me more than with her grandmother. One fine summer day my grandmother came to our dacha. She came to the dacha andRead More →

Georgiy Stepanovich Zhzhenov is an actor of theater and cinema. Georgy was born in Petrograd on March 22, 1915, in a poor family. The first 22 years in the biography of Zhzhenov were held on Vasilievsky Island. Having graduated from the 7th grade at the Leningrad school with a physical and mathematical bias, he became interested in circus, theater and cinema. Therefore, instead of studying in the 8th grade, he entered the variety circus technical school. A year later, George with a self-assigned number began to perform in the circus “Shapito”. His acting talents were noticed, and very soon they invited me to act inRead More →

Because of the considerable length from north to south, North America is located in all climatic zones of the northern hemisphere, except equatorial. In the arctic climatic zone throughout the year, the cold and dry Arctic air prevails. Here the harsh winters and cold summers. In winter, a polar night reigns. The annual amount of precipitation does not exceed 100 mm. In the subarctic belt, winter under the influence of the Arctic air is long, cold and not very snowy. The summer is cool and rainy, due to the arrival of moderate air masses. The average air temperature is +8 … + 12 ° С.Read More →

Jack London is an American writer. Jack was born January 12, 1876 in San Francisco. A new surname in the biography of Jack London was obtained when the kid was not yet a year old – his mother married John London. The difficult financial position, as well as the foundations of the country, prompted Jack to work life early. Back at school, he worked as a salesman for newspapers. And when I finished school, I went to work at a canning factory. In 1893 he first went on a voyage. This journey left a lot of memories, which he later used in his novels. JackRead More →

The action takes place in the modern writer of Silesia. In the estate of Krause appears Alfred Lot, he would like to see the master of engineer. Frau Krause – a screaming peasant woman, appreciating the modest look and rustic clothes of a stranger, takes him for a petitioner and drives away. Hoffmann is petitioned by his mother-in-law, he finds out in the friend of the gymnasium’s arrival that he has not seen for ten years. He is happy to meet, gladly recollects the past. What naive idealists they were, reveled in high thoughts about the reorganization of the world, universal brotherhood. And these ridiculousRead More →

In the small town of Oldershote, where the military unit is quartered, Colonel James Barclay, a valiant veteran who began serving as an ordinary soldier, was killed and was promoted to officers for bravery. In his youth, he married the daughter of a sergeant of his regiment, Nancy. After living for thirty years, the couple were considered an exemplary couple. Colonel madly loved his wife, she treated him more evenly, they had no children. Mrs. Barclay enjoyed the location of regimental ladies, and her husband – colleagues. Family Barclay with several servants occupies the villa, guests in which are infrequent. A few days ago, Mrs.Read More →

Under Easter Sunday, at the beginning of April, the Most Reverend Peter serves the All-Night Vigil. The church is full of people, the monastic choir sings. The bishop is unwell for three days, he feels heaviness and fatigue. Precisely in a dream or delirium, it seems to him that his mother came to him in a crowd, which he had not seen for nine years. And for some reason tears streamed down his face. Close to him, someone else cried, then again and again, and little by little the church is filled with a general silent cry. After the service, he returns home to theRead More →