A. Chekhov A Boring Story Professor of Medicine Nikolai Stepanovich is a scientist who has reached the heights of his science, enjoying universal respect and gratitude; his name is known to every literate person in Russia. He who wears this name, that is himself, is an old man, incurably sick, to live according to his own diagnosis, there are not more than six months left. In his notes he tries to understand the situation in which he found himself, his famous man, sentenced to death. He describes the usual course of his present life. Insomnia every night. Home – the wife and daughter of Liza,Read More →

A. Strindberg Red Room The second half of the 60’s. XIX century. Stockholm, May. The young man, who was disgusted by the service in the College of official salaries (this is the name of the ministry), burns with a desire to bring benefits to society. He meets with Struve, a venerable journalist from the opposition “Little Red Riding Hood”, and asks for his advice and help: from today he, Arvid Falk, is giving up public service and is fully committed to literature. The experienced Struve discourages Arvid: if now he lives to work, then, studying literature, he will have to work to live – inRead More →

Dmitry Vasilievich Firtash is a billionaire, businessman, one of the owners of RosUkrEnergo, most of the shares of the Inter TV channel. Dmitry was born in a small village of Synkiv, Ternopil region. Education in the biography of Firtash was received in the railway technical school of Donetsk. Then followed the service in the army, after which Dmitry did not long work as a fireman. After that, I started doing business. Moving to Moscow in 1990, he tackled issues of supplying food to Turkmenistan. In exchange, he began to supply gas to Ukraine using the quota of Igor Bakai. Then in the biography of DmitryRead More →

PART 1 1 “In the beginning of July, in an extremely hot time, in the evening, one young man came out of his closet, which he hired from tenants in the S-m lane, to the street and slowly, as if in indecision, went to K-nu bridge.” He avoids meeting with the landlady, since he has a big debt. “Not that he is so cowardly and hammered… but for some time he was in an irritable and tense state, like a hypochondria… He was crushed by poverty.” The young man reflects on a certain business he has planned (“Can I do this?”). “He was remarkably goodRead More →

There are people for whom a feat is a day-to-day job. These are absolutely ordinary people living among us. We often meet them in the store, in the cinema, on the street, and we do not even suspect that on account of each of them there is a huge number of rescued women, men, children, old people and even animals. They constantly put themselves at risk for the lives of others, they do not know fear, they do not know the doubts, they do not know what cowardice is. They are people with a strong character, an iron willpower, a strong spirit. People of thisRead More →

Maksimov with Stashevsky, Alexei and Winkler was driven into this port by a cruel autumn storm. Young people lived in a crappy hotel, stuffed with sailors and prostitutes, spending time in cheap taverns. Stashevsky thundered Russian literature, argued with Alexei about the fate of Russia. We remembered the recently deceased Oscar. The old man taught them German at the gymnasium, but devoted music to leisure time and often said: “Wander around, be vagrants, write poetry, love women-shin…” Once in a Greek coffee house Maksimov, already thoroughly having tasted the Santurin and oily “mastic”, suddenly said to the blonde beauty at the next table that sheRead More →

Leni Pfeiffer, nee Grüten, German. She is forty-eight years old, she is still beautiful – and in her youth was a true beauty: a blonde, with a beautiful stately figure. Does not work, lives almost in poverty; she may be evicted from the apartment, or rather, from a house that once belonged to her and which she lost in frivolity during the years of inflation. Leni is a strange woman; the author, on whose behalf the narrative goes, is for certain known that she is an “unrecognized genius of sensuality,” but at the same time he learned that Leni was close to a man twenty-fiveRead More →

Culture. How often do we hear this word, what is its meaning and what does it mean? The culture of speech, the cultural man, the culture of nutrition, etc. There are many definitions of this concept, for example: “Culture is human activity in its most diverse manifestations, including all forms and ways of human self-expression and self-knowledge, accumulation of skills and skills by man and the society as a whole and skills. “ In my opinion, culture is human behavior. society as a whole, as a result of which humanity displays its best qualities, adjusts itself to positive and creative thinking. Culture is a setRead More →

Serena Williams – tennis player, was born September 26, 1981 in the city of Saginaw, Michigan. Most known as one of the sisters-tennis player Williams. In the late 1990s, in the biography of Serena Williams and her sister Venus, there was a starry time. They were African-American, which was a rarity in professional tennis. Sisters quickly became famous thanks to a strong game, brilliant equipment. Like Tiger Woods, Serena and Venus were young talents. They at will started to practice tennis after kindergarten. Serena is a year younger than Venus. Her height is 175 cm. However, Serena became the first of the sisters who wonRead More →

The action takes place in the modern author of France, mainly in Mansa, a city that is located two hundred kilometers from Paris. “Comic novel” is conceived as a parody of fashionable novels of “high style” – instead of wandering knights, its heroes are wandering comedians, countless fights replace fights, and the scenes of kidnapping that are mandatory in adventure novels are extraordinarily amusing. Each chapter is a separate comic episode, strung on the core of an uncomplicated story. The novel is distinguished by a whimsical composition, it abounds with plug-in episodes – as a rule, it is novels told by one of the characters,Read More →