Biography of Maxim Galkin

Maxim Aleksandrovich Galkin is a Russian artist, singer, TV presenter.

Maxim Galkin was born June 18, 1976 in Moscow in a military family. From his childhood in the biography of Maxim Galkin manifested actor’s talent. The boy performed in kindergarten, then participated in school plays. In addition, in school he was fond of drawing, geography, zoology.

At the age of thirteen, he felt for the first time a talent for parody, seriously took a great interest in this activity. Then the biography of Galkin was followed by admission to the State Humanitarian University. In parallel, he became a member of the educational student group of the Moscow State University Theater. At that time he made parodies of famous politicians. Since that time he became famous, first he began to play at the Variety Theater Boris Brunov, afterwards he performed with Zadornov.

In 2001, Maxim Galkin became the host of the program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, And quickly gained the status of a superstar.

I tried myself as a singer. Pugacheva and Galkin performed together the song “Be or not”. He starred in the role of Chizhov in the film “For Two Hares”.

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Biography of Maxim Galkin