If I was the principal of the school

Wow! If I suddenly, as if by magic, became director of the school, the school would have a big change. Firstly, I would remove all teachers who do not know how to communicate with students without shouting and calling. I would employ a lot of new teachers – young, interesting, able to illuminate the already well-known material in a new way. And I would raise the salary to teachers – it’s a harmful work, requiring great nerves and time, because we, the students, are not sugar. And it is impossible to work long and well on one enthusiasm.

I would also issue an order that there should not be more than fifteen people in the classes, and the classes themselves should be recruited according to their interests: some study history in-depth, others learn mathematics, and others-literature. Then the guys would have learned much more interesting.

In order for schoolchildren to take a more serious and responsible attitude toward their education, I would introduce

the lessons that the students themselves must prepare and conduct. And I would organize between classes of more different educational and just entertaining games.

Much in school I would remodel or build anew: I would put computers in the classrooms, build a swimming pool, a good gym with simulators, and break a garden in front of the school.

Violators of discipline and other prosecuted I would send for schoolwork: wash, clean, clean, repair. Then everyone would benefit.

Much could be rebuilt in our school, but, unfortunately, I’m not a director. Perhaps our real school principal would agree with many of my dreams-innovations, but in reality he somehow can not do it himself. Too much hinders the transformation of the school, and it takes a long time to study for a director. And yet I would like to see the schools, when I grow up, change for the better, so that they really become the second home of students and a place of prestigious and interesting work – for teachers.

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If I was the principal of the school