When my mother went to school

My mother always was for me an example. All that she does seems to be the most correct and correct. For someone, my mother’s authority, but for me she’s just the smartest, most competent, kind, responsible person. I can list all the epithets with a plus sign, telling about my mother. And this means even more than just the title of authority and unquestioning obedience.

When I consult with her, I always follow her clues precisely because they seem to be the only true in every situation. How did Mom get so much wisdom? Mom does not even check my lessons, does not specify school marks every day. She more often talks about her studies at school, about her childhood, than she tries to control me. Perhaps, therefore, there is no need for control, having such an example.

It’s been a long time since those years when Mama studied, although she continues her studies all her life. The school and the education system have changed since then a thousand times. The only

thing that remains unchanged is that students will always be appreciated who faithfully fulfill the tasks and advice of teachers and have respect for the elders, love to learn and strive for knowledge. This was my mother. She went to school, because she was interested and fascinating.

My mom did not have any favorite items. In every field she wanted to take as much knowledge as possible. She herself tried to find additional information to share with peers later.

Mom is left-handed. She studied at a time when it was strictly forbidden and was considered some kind of violation of school discipline. But even with this she coped easily and without resentment towards teachers who very strictly re-educated the habit of incorrect writing.

But now she holds the same handle in both her right and left hands with equal confidence. Mom was the best student in the class. We often examined together her photo, which once hung on the board of honor. Now my mother works in school. Once she was the best student, but for me she is now the best teacher.

With an example like my mother, I want to be even better and achieve even more, so that she will undoubtedly be proud of me as I am proud of her.

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When my mother went to school