“What does it mean to be polite” composition

Probably, all people want all friends, neighbors and even absolutely unfamiliar passers-by to always treat them with care, kindness, love and respect, so that no one makes comments.

But warmth and attention need to be earned, because no one does anything just like that. Kindly, with the warmth and attention surrounding people only concern a well-bred, polite person. Only such a person is loved and respected. And he has true and reliable friends with whom he is never bored.

Yes, such a person can never be bored himself, because he lives according to a strict schedule. In the morning, a well-bred student gets up, does exercises, washed, cleans up his bed, gently dresses. Then he helps his mother or grandmother prepare breakfast and set the table. In the daytime – if only he is not at school – he will certainly help his grandmother clean the apartment, pour flowers, feed the cat or fish in the aquarium, do not be too lazy to polish his shoes and his younger brother,

go to the store for bread or milk. And in the evening everything is painted by him. And such busyness, all these things – a manifestation of courteous attention to others, first of all, to their loved ones and, of course, to oneself. The polite person always cares about relatives and friends, is always ready to help them.

And this is right, because if you understand well, all people in the world help each other, work for each other. So, they work for each of us. Builders build houses, janitors put in order children’s playgrounds and yards for games and walks, doctors treat diseases, teachers give knowledge, gardeners take care of trees.

Why do not we be attentive, polite and kind to each other? After all, in fact it is not so difficult!

It is not difficult to give up a place to an elderly person in a tram or bus.

It is not difficult to greet people at a meeting and tell them “good-bye”, “all the best” when parting.

It is not difficult to be neat, brushed and washed, so that the surrounding people would be pleased to communicate.

It is not

difficult to help the elder by the house, for example, not to scatter your things around the room and put toys into place.

Of course, to be considered a polite person, this is not enough, there are many rules of politeness. But first, it is necessary that from this very moment everyone for himself firmly decided to become a polite person. Then, to make new wonderful and faithful friends. Then, to mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, educators and teachers and even completely strangers began to respect you.

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“What does it mean to be polite” composition