School uniform composition

The appearance of the school uniform in our country is associated, as a rule, with the gymnasiums of tsarist Russia, and in the subsequent existence of the Soviet Union this requirement to the pupils was considered unconditional. However, today the question of the need for a school uniform is no longer so unequivocal, despite the fact that it has a number of undeniable advantages.

A uniform form is, of course, a manifestation of discipline. Putting it on, the student obviously tunes himself on a fruitful school day alongside his comrades.

Regular care of the form allows the schoolchild to exclude the search for clothes for the day, questions about her choice are completely eliminated, which saves the morning school time, freeing up such valuable minutes for breakfast or gymnastics. In particular, this applies to young women of fashion who consider the selection of a wardrobe as the most important aspect of their own life.

In addition, the school uniform, in fact, serves as an extremely practical clothing, the main advantages of which are convenience, comfort and not too colorful coloring, which is especially true for restless students of lower grades. As a rule, for sewing a school uniform, mostly natural fabrics are used, which are characterized by good air exchange, hygroscopicity and pleasant tactile sensations.

The school uniform is also a symbol of the unity of students. Its democratic character is obvious, because the cardinal stratification of society today is a well-known problem, and different clothes of students would once again emphasize this feature of the modern society, while uniform clothing, if not equalizes the students, at least balances their relations, excludes all comparisons and, ultimately, reconciles children as representatives of different social strata, which is extremely important for a healthy and harmonious atmosphere in each class.

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School uniform composition