My school friends

At school I communicate with many children. We have a very friendly class. We often meet at one of us at home, sometimes we go to discos or to a movie. But I have only two friends. Rather, it’s a friend and a friend – my classmates Denis and Sasha.

Denis I know for a long time. We were friends with him from the kindergarten. And Sasha came to us in the sixth grade. She was sociable and quickly joined our team. It’s clockwork, charming. In the class she is loved. Previously, Sanya lived in Moscow. She tells us a lot about this city, about her friends who stayed there. Its very interesting to listen to. Denis and I arrange tours for Kharkiv almost every weekend. Sanya says that it is already being oriented here no worse than in Moscow. I’m glad I made friends with her. Sometimes it seems to me that she really misses her Moscow friends. I do not know if we can replace her, but we try to help her in everything.

Denis, of course, often separates from us and spends time with his friends – the boys. But Sanya and I do not take offense at him. Maybe they have a real male friendship there. Whatever it was, he will never betray us, he will always support us. Sasha and I study English in addition, and Denis has basketball training at the school gymnasium these days, after which he always waits for us to go home. I know he will not hurt us.

I can not imagine what will happen when we grow up. I do not want to look into the future. But my mother says that very often people who are friends in childhood, in an adult life quarrel, part and at random meetings do not even greet each other. And I do not believe. I hope that Denis and Sasha will never separate.

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My school friends