Composition on Kuindzhi’s painting “Moonlit Night on the Dnieper”

Painting Arkhip Kuindzhi “Moonlit Night on the Dnieper” was written in 1880 and immediately found a huge response from a wide audience. This picture was very small in size, in some strange way, attracted everyone’s attention, who looked at it.

The painting depicts a night that plunges the whole neighborhood into darkness. And the moon, which looked out from behind the clouds, illuminates only the Dnieper River, which under its rays looks like a motley green ribbon, passing through the whole picture. The water seems to come from nowhere and flows far, far, merging together at the horizon with a dark night sky. The river’s smoothness from the light of the moon looks very strange, mystical and completely unreal, and everyone who looks at this green, radiating some radiance, water, embrace thoughts about the eternity of being.

But having fully illuminated the Dnieper, the moon only slightly opened the veil, with a dense darkness that surrounded the rest of the world. It allows us to see small, bent under the weight of foliage rakits, stretching to the water. The moon allows us to admire the tiny little snow-white houses, plunged into sleep. Also, you can distinguish small winding paths that stretch here and there, and which in the moonlight become like a tiny silvery spider web.

Over time, the picture grew darker and darker, it was not so clearly possible to distinguish the many different details depicted in this landscape. But still, every time you peer into this picture, the soul becomes quiet and calm, as if for a few seconds you simply transferred to this enchanting magical world, which emerged from the brush of a talented artist. And most importantly, having looked at this landscape, you are more and more beginning to love your land, which is capable of creating such a majestic beauty of Nature.

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Composition on Kuindzhi’s painting “Moonlit Night on the Dnieper”