Painting by Krymov “Winter Evening”

Landscapes of the famous Russian artist N. P. Krymov are beautiful and diverse. Many of them are devoted to the depiction of winter nature. Apparently, the author found in her a special charm, magic and poetry. A number of such paintings include and written in 1919, the painting “Winter Evening.”

Spectators see here a small Russian village of the beginning of the last century. The roofs of old wooden houses, the dome of the church, the surrounding hills and meadows – everything is covered with snow. The village seemed to be cut off from the rest of the world until the spring, like the bewitched fairy-tale kingdom of Berendey.

Snow cover is almost never touched. It sparkles in the last evening sunshine and fascinates us with its magnificent splendor. The ability of N. P. Krymov to work with shadows is striking and fascinating. They give the canvas a colorful variety, and the winter landscape does not at all seem boring and monochrome. Blue, bluish, white,

turquoise and other shades are very realistic; they enliven the picture and, as it were, make it three-dimensional.

The frozen river is already shrouded in the foreground by early twilight. On its bank, near shallow water, grow large and small bushes. On their branches and directly on the shore, the birds settled. They ruffled and are almost dozing.

In the direction of the village stretches a cart, loaded with hay up to the top. Perhaps the peasants come back from the far meadow. The convoy moves slowly through the deep snow, people and horses are tired and happy to return home.

Among the snowdrifts along the river a small path is laid. On it we see several children and adults. Probably, they too from somewhere come back, hurrying to go into the house until dark. And maybe the mothers came out to hurry up the kids who had been up to dusk. One woman stopped, admiring the sight of the quiet nature of the evening.

In the windows of some huts, the light is already on, or maybe it reflects in the glasses the last glow of the sunset. The peaceful evening picture is full of calm and soft beauty.

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Painting by Krymov “Winter Evening”