The Painting by Yuon “Domes and swallows”

The artist Yuon depicted in his canvas “Domes and Swallows” some provincial town. It does not differ in anything from other similar cities. It has a church, the domes of which are depicted in the picture. They are lit by sunlight, and gold crosses stand out against the blue sky. Swallows swirl in the high sky, they rejoice in the sun and heat. Small clouds dilute the blue of the sky.

The city is green, so summer has come. Lush tree crowns throw shadows at home. In the distance, you can see the small houses of the inhabitants of the city. If you look closely, then among the houses and greenery you can see the smoke that leaves behind a passing train. Probably there is a railway station in the city. The church seems to be on a hill or a hill. It towers over the whole city. Perhaps this artist just pictured it, pushing the temple to the fore.

Yuon did not show the life of an ordinary provincial town. His poverty, problems and not developed infrastructure. The artist decided to show only the joy of a warm day, flowering nature and jubilant swallows. Bright saturated colors convey the mood that the author wanted to portray in his painting. Warm weather can make anyone rejoice, despite failures and problems. Although there is not a single person on the canvas, but they are most likely like swallows rejoicing in the warmth and the sun.

The painter paid attention to the quiet, measured life of the city and singled out the domes of the church against the backdrop of the bright sky. Perhaps he presented the church in the foreground for good. As long as there is faith in God, there is life. In a difficult situation, a person will come to the temple and find comfort for his soul. That’s why Yuon singled out the church as something important and emphasized the joy of life with bright colors, with which he painted a sunny day.

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The Painting by Yuon “Domes and swallows”