Painting by Kustodiev “Portrait of Chaliapin”

Most often in his works Kustodiev portrayed life, joy and bitterness of the Russian people. But I prefer his painting, which is completely different from everyone else – “Portrait of Chaliapin”, which depicts the best singer of the Mariinsky Theater.

Fedor Ivanovich Chaliapin is a brilliant singer of the Republic, whose voice fascinated both the common people and the real Russian elite. Before the greatness of this artist, no one could stand, and his song made people forget about everything in the world and simply enjoy the moment of sounding beautiful opera music.

When I look at the picture of Kustodiev, where Chaliapin is depicted on a small hill that rises above the fair, my heart just freezes. I seem to endure at that time and find myself at a Russian holiday, when laughter, conversations, call-up sellers, who laid out their goods at the fair, are heard from everywhere.

And among all this fun, among these bright fair colors and painted Chaliapin. But unlike the rest of the picture, which is painted in light colors, the opera singer himself stands out as a dark spot. He wears a warm, warm coat, trousers, a fur hat on his head, and his hand rests on a cane. With all his looks, he inspires admiration and awe. It can be seen that Chaliapin knows the value of himself and his talent. Therefore, in his gaze, which he throws at the fair, I see the true dignity, but at the same time sincere love for his people, for whom he sings.

And the hubbub of people fades away, especially among those who are closer to Chaliapin. The family stops to look at their idol, the coachman restrains the horse. They certainly will not dare to approach their favorite performer closer, but will forever remember this day. Just as I will forever remember this majestic picture, after watching with which I want so much to listen to beautiful classical music.

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Painting by Kustodiev “Portrait of Chaliapin”