Essay on Honesty

All of us from childhood have been taught that it is not good to lie. But why, plainly and did not explain. What is honesty and why it is so highly valued – I have long thought about this. And I realized that when people lie, they have different reasons for this, sometimes even respectful ones. And if a person can afford to be honest, then he has nothing to be ashamed of his actions or thoughts.

An honest person always causes respect, and most importantly – trust. Perhaps, therefore, honesty as a quality of character is very much appreciated. After all, if we consider a person to be honest, we can rely on his word, it is easy and pleasant to be friends with him, to conduct business. One can also be sure that his attitude towards us is sincere, that he thinks what he is saying. And his eyes will not tell us about mucks.

I think there are times when honesty can hurt. This happens when a person is too straightforward and honestly expresses his opinion where it

is not the only true one. For example, I have sneakers that I really love, and my good friend honestly says that he does not like them at all and he would not have bought them in life. But the taste and color of a friend is not, and it is better not to speak ill of what someone really likes, because this can offend a person. Or, for example, honesty is superfluous when people do not want to be frustrated without real necessity.

I believe that lying is bad not only from the point of view of ethics, but also because your lie will always reveal itself and cause harm to yourself. For example, you lied that you yourself did your homework, and did not write off from your friend. But when you are summoned to the blackboard and asked to solve a similar example, it becomes clear to everyone that you did not prepare for the lesson.

A person often lies to seem better than he really is. There is a remarkable statement by the French philosopher and writer A. Camus “Free is he who can not lie.” After all, if you are dishonest with others, then there is something in you that you are embarrassed about. And if you’re

lying, that you were in America during the summer vacation, then most likely you just want to attract attention to yourself, but you can not tell anything interesting about yourself, but you invent fables. It seems to me, it is better to honestly admit it to yourself and do what you are interested in and find like-minded people who will appreciate you at their true worth.

The main advantages of an honest person are that they trust him, and that he can be himself. Therefore, I respect honest people and try to be like that myself.

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Essay on Honesty