“What should be a student” essay

What should be the ideal student? There can be many answers. For someone it’s an excellent student, someone can refer to this category someone who just behaves well. I belong to this category, I can only because I’m an exemplary student, but I’m not perfect, but I can still set an example in behavior, and strive for knowledge, I’m interested.

And do you want to be an ideal student in terms of academic achievement? It seems to me that not everyone who studied perfectly became successful personalities, but on the contrary even fell down, and those who were weak, and had a not so high score in the certificate, they rose to the heights, and achieved not small successes in life. Therefore, uniquely, knowledge in life will be useful, and it is worth to strive for development, to expand the vocabulary, to self-sufficiency, self-confidence, definitely worth it always, and this should usually be in life with which you need to go. This will help in life to take place,

to master the profession to which the soul lies, and to be a successful person, doing what you love, because it is not of little importance for a person, such work will definitely bring joy and pleasure. And to receive from a favorite business earnings, especially I consider or count that each person.

The ideal student must have such good qualities as kindness, selflessness, confidence, restraint, have the desire, have a certain goal. Even an honors pupil can not be called ideal if he is cruel towards his peers, two-faced, self-serving, aggressive.

In my opinion, nevertheless, the ideal student is one who will strive for knowledge, for self-development, for kindness, for self-confidence, in his own power. First of all, it will have respect for both teachers and their peers. From this grows a strong man who will have a strong spirit. Undoubtedly, such a person will be able to reach heights, despite even the school certificate, which does not stand out particularly good points.

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“What should be a student” essay