How to write an essay “My Family”

Everyone loves and appreciates his home and his family. After all, the house is considered to be its own fortress, where you can hide from all life’s misfortunes, and the people who live in it, who will always understand and support at a difficult moment – this is the family. And its role for each of us is enormous. After all, with the family, all the first sensations and representations of a person are connected, when he only begins to realize the world around him. And later in the family such human concepts as love and care are formed. It is not without reason that the family is called a social unit, a small homeland. It forms a human personality, the upbringing of the individual takes place. Therefore, usually, depending on what kind of person a family has, it depends on how he became. For me, my family is the most important thing in life.

Family for everyone – these are the most beloved and native people who have been with him since childhood. And the main

role in creating a family hearth belongs, of course, to the mother. A woman can be a brilliant specialist in any field, however, her most important role in society, something that no man can cope with is the creation of a family. A woman from ancient times was the keeper of the hearth. She was assigned all the housework. In addition, she had to create such a home environment that the rest of the family felt warm and comfortable at home, felt like a family – a single whole. This is a very difficult and responsible job, but the woman always coped with it. Now is a completely different time. A woman is busy at work, and for the house there is less and less time. However, even today, like many years ago, it protects the house, creates, supports and strengthens the family. Mom is the person closest to me. I believe that the head of our family is, after all, my mother.

Of course, for the family to be good and friendly, the strength of the mother alone is not enough. All family members should make efforts to create a family climate. After all, the family is, first of all, the collective.

Family traditions

are very important so that everyone in the family feels like a member of it, had something in common with the rest of the relatives. And, of course, every family has its own dates, which are memorable to everyone, their family holidays. Our family is looking forward to their offensive, because they bring joy to all of us. But family traditions are not just that. Spending an evening with parents, children also feel themselves full members of the family, and this unites us very much.

It is important that in every family there is trust and mutual understanding, love and care for each other. The family is so good that here people always remain themselves, and under no circumstances will they love him, they will always understand and support him. The family is the most important support for any person, who must remain with him always.


I can not say that our family is very different from other families in our country. There is nothing unusual and extraordinary in it. However, for me it is the best.

I really love my father. On work, he often has to travel on long business trips, so at home it happens rarely. However, when he comes, there is always a holiday in our family. My father is always fun and interesting. He knows and knows a lot, he always finds useful and interesting work, in which I too can help him.

I love Mom no less than my dad. For me, my mother is the dearest and dearest person. She will always support and help, give good advice. My mother knows a lot. She prepares very well, knows how to sew and knit. In our house is always clean and comfortable, and this is the merit of our mother. I like to talk with her, and from every conversation I learn a lot of new and interesting things for myself.

I have a younger brother. He’s naughty, playful, but still I love him very much. He loves to play with me.

Our grandmother is a respected person. She is a veteran of war and labor. She has many awards for selfless work during the Great Patriotic War. It is interesting to listen to my grandmother when she talks about the war years. Our grandmother is very kind and never angry.

In our house there are animals. We have two cats and parrots. They also feel comfortable here and know that they are loved here. Our family is very friendly, that’s why it is the best for me.


Family – these are people who are closer to no one to find. That’s why for me the family is so important, why I value it so much.

My family is not big. I have a mom, a dad and an older brother. Mom I really love. Wherever I was, whatever happened to me, I always count on her support and help. She always pays a lot of attention to my brother and me, she will always listen, she will advise. With her you can talk about everything, and this is very important. Well, when there is such a person from whom you do not need to conceal anything. Mom works at the plant as an engineer. She is a good and competent specialist, she is appreciated at work.

My dad works in construction. He is the head of a large construction and assembly department. This is a very serious work, requiring knowledge, colossal experience and the ability to work with subordinates. However, in the family he does not look like a great boss. He is very kind and never raises his voice. It’s always interesting with him. He reads a lot and can always tell something fascinating. Work is not the only interest in his life. He also goes in for sports and is interested in history. My brother and I talk with my father for a long time. From these conversations you always learn something new and useful for yourself.

My brother decided to become a doctor. He took this decision for a long time and does everything to make his dream come true. The brother did not want to follow in the footsteps of his parents and choose an engineering specialty. The career of a doctor attracts him much more. Now he is intensively engaged in biology and chemistry, independently studies additional material to enter a medical school. It is known how difficult it is to go there, and in general, what a difficult job it is to be a doctor. However, my brother is confident in his choice, and I am surprised at his dedication and I wish him success.

We also have one more resident. This is our kitten. He has appeared recently, but none of us any longer represent our family without this charming and sweet creature. Some will say that the animal can not belong to the family, but I’m ready to argue with this. Our kitten is considered a full-fledged member of the family.

Our family is very friendly. And it means a lot to me. I want her to remain so always, and I myself do everything so that others feel my support and contribution to strengthening our family.

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How to write an essay “My Family”