Friendship is a great value

One of the basic spiritual needs of a person is communication. Communication with someone you can trust, who always understands and supports, on whom you can rely in any life situation. This is exactly what a real friend should be: sincere, faithful, decent. In a large world, it is difficult for a person to find such a friend, but it is even more difficult not to lose him because of some trifle, not to “exchange” the relationship with him. This is exactly the kind of friend with whom joy and sadness have gone together, and who both in joys and in sorrows stayed close.

Although each of us is, in a sense, an egoist, true friendship is a relationship that requires devotion, and sometimes even self-sacrifice.

“He who asks, but gives forgetting, has only what he has.” (Colombian proverb)

In friendship, the interests of a comrade should be weighed no less than their own, because it is the principles of equality and mutual respect that put people

at the highest level, helping to keep in the heart a feeling of disinterested love for a friend.

We ask a friend to come to us, offer their services, promise to share with him a table, house, property. The case for small – for the fulfillment of the promised. (Jean de La Bruyere)

One can not confuse sincere friendship with friendly relations, because there may be many friends, but a real friend is always one. Friends can have similar interests, a common place of work or study, but there is no true spiritual unity between them, which makes people one and the same (as much as possible). Friendship is a delicate and fragile thing, and finding this “diamond expensive” in the mud, you need to make every effort to ensure that it does not lose its luster. So, close relations require refusal of lies, falsity, mistrust.

Do not trust a friend more shamefully than to be deceived by them. (F. de La Rochefoucauld)

For each person, one of the most difficult tests is loneliness. It is not for nothing that people sentenced to death have long been punished by imprisonment in solitary confinement.

A person is a social being, and it needs society. In the literature, there are many examples of how hard a person is experiencing loneliness. For example, the Count of Monte Cristo from the novel of the same name by A. Dumas or Robinson Crusoe by D. Defoe. Both heroes were doomed for an indefinite period to be alone with themselves, and they considered true gifts of heaven to be their faithful friends, whom they finally met-Abbot Faria and Friday.

But will not it be just an attempt to escape from solitude attempts in all people to find a friend? After all, we must remember that true friendship is experienced for years of communication and complex situations, both of which come with dignity. Therefore, do not rely on a person you know not so long ago, and relations with which are based only on the assumption that it is worthy.

Not so those enemies,

As good people

– And they rob him of regret,

And in the next world, good-natured,

You will not be forgotten.

Therefore, you need to be cautious about potential friends, but finding a loved one, you should make an effort not to lose it. And for this there is only one way: in order to have a true friend, one must be a true friend.

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Friendship is a great value