What is honesty?

Everyone has his own understanding of honesty. As for me, it’s a person who does not deceive himself first and then others.

An honest person is never afraid to tell the truth in the eyes, whatever she was, rather than letting gossip behind her. He respects those around him, regardless of whether they are close to him or someone else’s. She sincerely loves her family, cherishes her reputation and trust in him, appreciates what she has and never pretends, portraying herself better than she really is. The one who is called “honest” always works on conscience and he will never be ashamed of himself. This is a small part of the qualities of an “honest man”, but, as for me, they are the most important and true.

Grade 9, 15.3, OGE, the arguments.

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From childhood we were taught that lying is not good, but they never explained why. A person can lie for good purposes, but never thinks about the consequences. The consequences

can be very different, because ever secret, it becomes obvious. Soon, the man who lied, loses confidence. Close people can not believe him, because once he has already lied. Of course, it’s one thing if a person does not finish something and quite another if he lied to a loved one, such as a friend. After that, this person is unlikely to be a true friend.

To the lie, too, everyone treats differently. For someone to lie is how to go to the store. Some people, lying, then all rethink, and they are tormented by conscience. They want to talk about their actions, but they are afraid of the reaction of a deceived person. Someone thinks lightly about the fact that a person lied to him. He does not even suggest that this can last a lifetime.

I believe that you need to tell the truth, whatever it is. Some people can say straightforwardly, and without thinking about the consequences, thereby injuring a person. In such cases, before you say it is worth thinking about, and then present it in a softer form. Probably, for the beginning it is necessary to prepare the person if this something really serious.


worth just putting yourself in the place of this person and thinking about what you would have done if you were lied to. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the feelings of another person when you are lying to him. Do not think that it will pass just like that. After all, there is always another person who will lie to you. That is, all your lies will come to you soon and will return.

In an honest man, you can be sure and trust. With lying people everything is more complicated. They can say that this will not happen again, but there is no guarantee. He will also be able to lie or betray both the second and third time. Such people need to immediately calculate and try to communicate with them as little as possible.

In any case, honest people are treated differently. After all, few will want his friend to lie to him.

It is worth to strive to be honest. However, honest people do not always understand, and especially those who love to lie. It is necessary to vaccinate the child with the earliest childhood that lying is bad. Some words are few and therefore it is worthwhile explaining everything and even giving concrete examples.

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What is honesty?