“My hobby beadwork” essay

Hobbies – this is what every person should have, because it brings positive emotions, warms the soul and entices. Many people associate hobbies with rest and relaxation. For someone, this is a favorite thing that captivates and delivers a lot of fun.

My hobby is embroidery with beads. Once I was visiting my girlfriend and saw a picture on which bright red poppies were depicted. The sun was falling on her, and she was very beautifully poured. At first I could not understand what this picture was made of, but then my friend’s mom told me that it was beads, and that she had been bought from some grandmother. Maki was so wonderful that I admired it for a long time and could not take my eyes off them. I thought and I also really wanted to learn to do something similar.

The next day I asked my mother to buy a large set of beads and fabrics with patterns for embroidery. First I tried to embroider small pictures. My first job is birds in a bird feeder on a tree. I gave

it to my sister for her birthday. Honestly, it was difficult to embroider for the first time. I realized that for such a hobby you need to have a lot of patience and attention, and also there is no place for haste, because you can easily get off and everything will go wrong.

A little later came the summer holidays and time for a favorite business appeared a lot. The next thing I decided to embroider, it was a picture of a vase with a bouquet of field colored flowers. It took quite a while for this work, but as a result, it turned out very nicely, and we hung it on the wall in the kitchen. Now everyone who comes to visit us sees my creation and praises me for my ability.

Then my mother bought me a summer beige blouse, and I wanted to embroider on it an unobtrusive white flower. It turned out very original and my blouse acquired a more playful look. Since then, I began to decorate with beads some clothes. Even a girlfriend embroidered an owl on a jeans waistcoat, and the little sister was decorated with a new sweater with an interesting oriental ornament.

In the beginning of September my mother wrote me in a circle of embroidery with beads. My teacher is a very experienced master. She can learn a lot of interesting things. It shows us how widely the beads are used to decorate different interior items. Now I’m working on a tablecloth, I embroider pink roses with green leaves. I hope that one day, when the guests come home again, I will be able to surprise them with my new product.

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“My hobby beadwork” essay