How to write an essay reasoning

Modern society requires different skills from a person, including my own thoughts. The education system as a source of knowledge is obliged to teach the student everything that can be required to him in life.

Often in schools they give the task of writing an essay-reasoning. This is done to prepare students to write the final exam. Only training and training will help you learn how to write interesting and beautiful works.

What does composition-reasoning look like? The basis of this work is laid down as a type of speech. This means that the author expresses his thoughts on the designated topic (perhaps thought will not be one), develops them, argues in favor of one or the other. The result of the essay is the conclusion about what thoughts the author is inclined to and why. Thus, competently writing an essay-reasoning means convincingly to prove your point of view, confirming it with strong arguments.

The composition-reasoning plan looks like this:


arguments (evidence, examples); conclusion.

We will analyze on an example. Theme: Why do I need spelling?

Firstly, it is necessary to describe what spelling is, why it is needed. You can give a traditional example: You can not pardon execution. To say about the importance of the correct use of spelling for each person. Well, to draw a conclusion from the above.

Composition – reasoning is a kind of creative work. Do not be shy of your thoughts. Do not think that they will look stupid. Imagine that you are talking to a friend and proving your point of view.

Often there are difficulties with writing the first sentence. The child does not know where to start. In this case, the writing of the entry should be postponed. That is, first write the main part of the work, then the conclusion and only then return to the introduction.

In order for children not to be shy of their thoughts, I would recommend writing anonymous essays in order to read them in the future before the whole class and make out their mistakes on their example. Each child learns his composition and is not afraid of the

ridicule of his comrades or bad evaluation will understand that in his work it was incorrect (in stylistic terms, in the logic of the presentation, etc.). At the same time, teachers should not read even very ridiculous excerpts from the works, especially with the indication of the author. After such a “gay” analysis of the “flights” the child may have a persistent hatred for writing works.

It should be noted that the key to good writing is reading books and communicating with adults. Talk more often with the child, discuss everything you see and hear, everything that interests him.

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How to write an essay reasoning