An essay on dignity

Each person must have a sense of dignity. Self-esteem is first and foremost a sense of self-esteem, an understanding of one’s role in life, the ability to remain a good person in any situation, which follows its principles.

But this feeling does not appear from the very birth. It should be brought up in the child from childhood by its parents, kindergarten teachers, teachers in the school. They explain to the child how to behave in society, what you can do and what you can not do. They tell him what is good and what is bad. They intelligibly explain what it means to be merciful, honest, brave and help those who are in trouble.

A person who has developed self-esteem will try to study well, that he has excellent grades, and along with the accumulation of knowledge, self-respect constantly grew. Such a person will never laugh at a comrade who stumbled and fell, but calmly gives his hand to rise. A man full of self-esteem will never enter into a quarrel and prove his rightness, choking with a cry, and all the arguments will lead calmly and carefully. And if a person with this quality is wrong, he will certainly ask for forgiveness.

My parents, who from the very childhood told me that I was the best, kind and good, brought up my dignity. But because of this I did not start to bully my nose, but on the contrary, now I try to become even better, so that my parents would be proud of me. I try to study well, help with my classmates’ education, help my parents around the house, read books to develop spiritually, be polite to everyone, and also closely follow my appearance and manners. But most importantly, in any even the most difficult situation, I try not to lose my temper and be the best in everything.

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An essay on dignity