My favorite story is an essay

How to find an approach to the heart of a ten-year-old son, if you are a pilot, ace, spent most of his life in the cockpit of an airplane away from home? Such a difficult task confronts the hero of the story of J. Aldridge “The Last inch.” This story is my favorite, because it refers to real people, strong and persistent.

At the beginning of the story, Ben confesses to himself that everything is over for him. He will not live with his wife, because in those parts in his forty-three years not to find flight work. “So he remained with nothing, except for an indifferent wife, whom he did not need, and a ten-year-old son who was born too late and, as Ben knew in his heart of hearts, a stranger to both of them – a lonely, restless child who, at the age of ten I felt that my mother was not interested in them, and my father was an outsider, sharp and short-spoken, who did not know what to talk with him on those rare moments when they were together. ” This

is the position of Ben at the beginning of the story.

But already in the next lines it becomes clear that to his son Ben is not indifferent, although he does not know how to communicate with him. He took the boy with him on a flight and can see how Ben feels every mistake. How, by letting through each word, every situation, tries to find an approach to the heart of the son. Having fallen into a critical situation, Ben does not give up, does not say, they say, it’s over. Wounded by sharks, he collects all will and self-control with only one purpose: to save the boy’s life. Trying not to frighten the child, Ben cautiously but surely leads Davy to the fact that the boy will have to lead the plane alone on the way back. It is difficult to imagine the state of a ten-year-old child left alone with a bleeding father and a ruthless desert wind, through which it is necessary to hold an airplane for their salvation.

I do not know how I would act if I got into this situation, I would probably just cry. But this is not ten-year-old Davy. In the heart of the boy there was enough courage and trust in his father,

who played a major role in their salvation. “In life, decisive minutes do not come and decisive inches remain, and in the tortured body of the pilot there were found the bones and blood vessels that were decisive for the whole thing, which people did not even suspect.” When everything seems to be over, they take theirs. “

After reading the story for the first time, I was still under the impression for a long time and made a conclusion for myself. Being a real father to your child is a very difficult affair – this is a real feat worthy of respect. But only on the trust and mutual understanding of parents and children depends on who they will be for each other.

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My favorite story is an essay