“My hobby fishing” essay

A hobby is an activity that a person likes to do. Another hobby can be called hobby, because a person does not just do something, but does it with enthusiasm. For example, you can just cook food, and this will be a simple accomplishment of the right thing, or you can cook with different dishes, decorate them in different ways, recognize and collect different recipes, and then this can already be called a hobby.

I believe that every person should have a hobby, because without a favorite occupation, it’s just boring to live. Hobby helps to develop a person, because, while doing what he likes, a person always strives to learn something new about his favorite occupation, often communicates with other people who are addicted to the same thing. A person who has a hobby tries to read more, and this develops the horizon and makes a person more educated.

I also have a hobby – it’s fishing. I took this fascination from my dad, because he taught me to fish. Dad always

takes me fishing with me, and I always look forward to these trips. I like how the two of us together with my dad go by car for a long time, like the expectation of fishing itself. To fish is very interesting! When my father and I are fishing, I do not notice how time passes, and it’s time to get ready to go home.

To become a good fisherman, you need to know a lot and be able to. Of course, I do not know everything and I know how, but I will learn everything, because I have a desire for this, and this is the most important thing! I try to learn everything from my dad. He knows and tells me a lot of fishing stories, life experiences that really happened. My father also teaches me how to prepare fishing gear and how to use it. Together with Dad we read a lot about fishing on the Internet. And we also write out the magazine “Fishermen”, and we always look forward to the new issue. With Dad, we often go to the fishing store, where we buy various devices for our fishing with him.

We go fishing often to different places, sometimes even to places where we have never been, and these are the

most interesting trips, because there is uncertainty ahead of us. We carefully plan each such trip. First we choose a place for fishing, find out which fish are found there and how to catch them, then mark the route on the map, and only then start to plan the collection of things.

Before, I did not like to eat fish, it did not seem tasty to me. And now I really like fish, especially the one that we caught with Dad. Whatever fish we caught, it always seems to me very tasty. Dad taught me how to clean fish, and now I always help in this mom. And my dad and I cook soup for fishing! In general, all the fishermen cook the soup in their own way, and we have our own dad with his dad, but he is very secret, and we only know him!

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“My hobby fishing” essay