Composition on the theme “Golden Autumn”

Here comes one of the most beautiful autumn periods, which is called – golden autumn. Unfortunately, it does not last long, about three weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to find free time to visit the park and admire its fabulous decoration.

This period of autumn is not in vain called gold, because there are great changes in nature. If in summer, the predominant color is green, then in the early autumn is the yellow color of leaves and grass reminiscent of gold.

It is especially pleasant to walk along the birch grove, all the trees become golden, and round leaves of birches resemble coins that “ring” in the wind. Particularly beautiful they look on a clear sunny day, contrasting against the blue sky: all the birches are white-beared, in identical golden shining dresses.

At this time, in the same golden attire are dressed lindens. Slightly yellowish-brown, reminiscent of a slightly tarnished gold – is the leaves of oaks. Very often maples also turn yellow. Therefore, you are surprised at such a fabulous beauty. It seems that you find yourself in a fairy tale, where there are so many bright golden colors around.

But a few weeks will pass and a leaf fall will begin. Many trees will lose the beauty of the decoration, but the carpet of the leaves will become lush and soft, like down. It’s very nice to throw the leaves up and watch them spinning to the ground. Or rustle the fallen leaves when it dries.

Gradually, the leaves will remain single leaves, which will also fall and the last beauty disappears. At this point, it becomes a little sad, as it is very pitiful to part with the beautiful golden autumn. But the memories of it will remain for a long time, before the onset of cold weather and the fall of the first snow flakes. Yet, how wonderful that there is such a time – golden autumn!

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Composition on the theme “Golden Autumn”