My friend’s room

One day, Vanya and I decided to go to the stadium together. I had to go after him at seven in the evening, but came a little earlier, so I had to wait until my friend would finish his dinner. Vanina’s grandmother invited me, too, but I ate before eating, so politely refused.

Then go to my room, listen to the music, and I’ll quickly manage! – said Vanya and continued eating a steaming borsch.

I shrugged: where is his room? I had not visited Vanya before, so I did not know the location of the rooms. I had to look into all the rooms, but Vanina recognized the room immediately.

Vanya is seriously engaged in hockey – skates and clubs were hanging behind his door. The aquarium – a glass bowl on the stand – betrayed another passion of my friend. He is very fond of animals, but at home he is allowed to keep only fish: in the aquarium swam the guppies of all kinds of colors, fluffy fir-trees, algae, from the lock at the bottom were air bubbles.

Furniture in the room is not very much: a sofa bed, a wardrobe, a computer desk, a music center on a stand and bookshelves on the wall – that’s all. But the main thing in the room is a huge number of graphic drawings on ordinary album sheets printed on a color printer. Drawings depicting strange monsters and unearthly landscapes, hung everywhere: on the steps, on the bookshelves, on the doors of the cupboard. Vanya has a powerful computer and a good printer, so he applies his talent to the fullest and wants to become a professional designer when he grows up.

You can learn a lot about a person by looking at his room!

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My friend’s room