Composition on the theme “Before the storm”

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is a famous Russian artist, one of the most famous landscape painters of the second half of the nineteenth century. He created many wonderful canvases, which unites one common principle – an endless love for the homeland, to a modest northern nature. His works are very popular both in his life and now.

I want to talk about the film “Before the storm”. It was written in 1884. The picture is written in oil. I was struck at the first glance by the surprisingly smooth transition of flowers. The foreground of the picture is greenish-yellow. In the rays of the sun, which have not yet been hidden by storm clouds, the grass does not seem green, but yellow. On it here and there scattered wildflowers. Then gradually the colors darken. This is the green of the trees, and the dark surface of the water. In the background, yellow and green colors turn into dark blue, almost black, color of a stormy sky.

You look at the picture and you feel that

now thunder rumbles, lightning flashes, and the clouds are poured by pouring rain. Clouds are rapidly approaching. Another moment, and they will displace the last rays of the sun. The far forest has already turned black. He froze in anticipation of the impending storm. Only in some places the sun ray can still find a small window to take a last look at the earth.

The water in the river is motionless, as are the trees and motionless along its banks. A well-trodden path leads to the river. But there is not a soul around. The birds hid in their nests. I sense the silence that reigned in nature, waiting for the first cool drops. But this silence is not pacified, when everything around is frozen, as if enchanted. This is a guarded silence. All around is anxiously waiting for a bad weather.

And she is already there. I look at the clouds and I see them slowly but surely creeping closer and closer. The sky turns black. In nature it becomes twilight, as if the night covers the surrounding with its dark veil. But from this blackness does not bleak with gloom, because the summer storms are stormy. But they quickly

pass. Clouds will escape further. And above this forest, over the river, over the path, the sun will again shine. Birds will begin their irrepressible twitter.

The painting “Before the Thunderstorm” strikes with its beauty. It would seem that it draws well-known places. There is nothing unusual. But how beautiful is the native land, what an amazing modesty it combines with grace. Daisies in the right-hand corner of the picture, like teenagers, are slender, charming. The smooth surface of the river is like a mirror, in which coastal thickets were staring. What can be more beautiful than this? The native land is always nice. And recreated by the hand of the master, it becomes even more expensive.

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Composition on the theme “Before the storm”