Composition on the theme “Mountains”

A narrow mountain valley, called a gorge, passes a mountain road. The motorway seems like a thin light ribbon against the background of the mountains. All the rest of the space, where there is enough sight, is occupied by huge mountains, their slopes and peaks. Above them is only the sky.

Closer to the road, the mountains are not sharp peaks, but round, as if oval. They are densely wooded. From a distance it may seem that these are the thick backs of huge shaggy bears, and their skins are green. But the wool on the backs of the bears is century-old firs and pines tens of meters high. When you go on the road, the bear’s backs almost close in front of the car.

And further away, the chain raises real high-rise peaks. These peaks form strange giant figures. In autumn they are covered with white snow, which only comes off in late spring.

The highest mountains – the keepers of glaciers, deposits of crystal clear frozen water. That’s why some peaks generally never take their white caps off snow and ice. From here the glaciers seem to be just white caps, but if you climb mountains, it becomes clear that they stretch for many kilometers. If you chop off a “piece” from the glacier, it will weigh thousands of tons.

The peaks are piled one after another, and there is no end to them. Far on the horizon, the mountains themselves are no longer visible, but only their outlines. As if bluish ghosts stand up one after another against the sky.

In the mountains, people are closest to the sky. After all, on the slopes of the mountains you can even see stray clouds. They hang so low that it seems that you can jump to them and reach out with your hand. Where else can you see how the sky becomes lower than the earth, if not in the mountains?

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Composition on the theme “Mountains”