Class in which I would like to study

I imagine a bright, sun-drenched office. On the windows – blinds, which allow you to adjust the amount of light, the ceiling and walls are painted in warm colors, around the flowers. Air conditioners refresh the air.

On each student’s desk is a computer, a lamp that illuminates the workplace well. Below – a massage mat for feet and a small bedside table for shoes: he took off his shoes, removed his shoes – and between the time during the lesson, knead your feet. In short, everything is for health and nothing against it.

On the central wall is a laser board and a screen for slides. On the right – the teacher’s workplace: a large table, on it – a computer, a printer, a scanner, a copier, disks. Nearby is a roomy bookcase with literature. The impressive lamp illuminates all this well: the teacher is the main actor in the play called “lesson”, he is in sight, and his role is the most difficult.

At the far wall is a sitting corner with armchairs, a coffee table, an aquarium, a music center. At the break you can relax, relax right in the office.

But all this is still a dream. Maybe someday it will come true, and I still have time to learn in this class?

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Class in which I would like to study